Operating GMP facility in Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic

Jankovcova 2, 170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic
2.000 sqm

  • GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities

  • Class A/B/C/D clean room facility classified according to EU cGMP

  • Autoclaves – laboratory tools, cleaning material sterilization

  • DI water (de-ionized) system – water for autoclaves and cleaning

  • Laundry services outsourced via third party 

  • CO2 station with automatic switch – CO2 source for incubators

  • Vacuum pumps – vacuum source for particle counters

  • Five terminal PC with barcode readers in Class C area (LaSSo™ scheduling and raw material system access) plus two terminal PC with barcode readers outside clean premises

  • Cryostorage – five Dewar tanks, LN2 filling unit, automated filling and control

“SCTbio already had an impressive track record of experience with autologous cell therapy manufacturing, including not just GMP manufacturing and analytical capabilities, but a sophisticated cold chain operation, scheduling and supply chain software, and extensive network of qualified leukapheresis sites.”
Geoffrey Hodge CEO SOTIO Biotech Inc.
“Auditing SCTbio revealed to us a company in which GMP culture is deeply rooted, the quality system is well structured, and GMP readiness is not just a marketing keyword thanks to the constant effort of SCTbio’s people, their expertise, their commitment, and their attention to quality.”
Laporte Euro

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SCT Cell Manufacturing s.r.o.
Jankovcova 2,
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic