SCTbio services

Full services covering GMP production, testing & logistics of advanced therapy medicinal products

SCTbio delivers the highest quality collaboration through a range of services ensuring GMP compliance for the full life cycle of drug development, that include technology transfers, process development, clinical manufacturing services, fill & finish, quality control, QA/QP release, storage and logistics.

What we do

Cell and gene therapy researchers working in SCTbio’s GMP laboratory.
Lab technician working at a microplate reader in SCTbio’s cell and gene facility.
Lab employees in full personal protective equipment handling cell and gene therapy products.
Employee loading up a cardboard box of biologic samples at SCTbio’s contract manufacturing facility.
Cell and gene therapy samples in a box.
Calculator and office equipment on some paper at SCTbio offices in Prague.

Unique global network of Apheresis Centers

SCTbio has established close cooperation with Apheresis Centers in Europe and the USA and can provide support
iin setting up the appropriate procedures within a network of 150 qualified and regularly monitored cell-collection sites.
Worldwide map showing the locations of SCTbio’s 150 qualified and regularly monitored Apheresis Centres.