Logistics Services
& Apheresis Collection

Logistics services of any blood products as well as final drug products in various controlled conditions. We do cover US, Europe.

Apheresis cell collection services for cell and gene therapy products

  • SCTbio provides all services covering autologous or allogenic cell collections 
  • Apheresis services are available through validated network of apheresis collection sites in Europe and US 
  • Apheresis collection process focuses on harvest of peripheral blood mononuclear cells,
    e.g. T cells, monocytes, and other specific blood cell populations 
  • Collected cells can be used as starting material for further GMP processes (manufacturing
    of cell and gene therapy products or research and process development studies, etc.
    • SCTbio's team has generated expertise based on nearly 3,000 successfully completed collections using various separators, in different indications and in different countries
  • Scope of services
    • Identification of Apheresis site in selected location 
    • Qualification of Apheresis site (according to appropriate legislation and technical
    • Contracting of Apheresis site
    • Auditing and monitoring of Apheresis site
    • Training of Apheresis site employees for specific collection process
    • Technical settings of specific collection process, optimization of collection process
    • Full logistics services – shipping studies, validation
      of transport conditions, transport of apheresis product to manufacturing site
    • Professional support, consultation, analysis, and apheresis product evaluation

Storage, Packaging and Distribution

  • Tailor made logistics services covering all the EU, UK and US
  • Finish Goods storage capacities covering all required temperature ranges including LN2, -80°C, -20°C, 2-8°C and 15-25°C.
  • Variety of transport conditions and packaging boxes with various holding time and temperature ranges (e.g. dry shipper, dry ice & all other temperature conditions)
  • Shipping of blood derived products (e.g. apheresis) to manufacturing location
    (within EU, between US & EU )
  • Shipping of drug products from manufacturing to clinical sites
  • Logistics services are managed via software platform CONNECT™

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