Manufacturing Facility in Prague

Czech Republic


Jankovcova 2, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic


4.500 sq. ft.

  • GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities

  • Class A/B/C/D clean room facility classified according to EU cGMP

  • Autoclaves (SYSTEC) – laboratory tools, cleaning material sterilization

  • DI water (de-ionized) system (AQUAOSMOTIC) – water for autoclaves and cleaning

  • Laundry services outsourced via third party 

  • CO2 station with automatic switch (MESSER) – CO2 source for incubators

  • Vacuum pumps – vacuum source for particle counters

  • Five terminal PC with barcode readers in Class C area (LaSSo® scheduling and raw material system access) plus two terminal PC with barcode readers outside clean premises

  • Cryostorage (TAYLOR-WHARTON)– five Dewar tanks, LN2 filling unit, automated filling and control